Ground Works Management

Ground Works Management is a start-up security firm that is looking for opportunity areas for business growth. We have had three client engagements with the founder and have successfully gained insights of the key stakeholders affecting their business in a co-creative way. The engagements will lead up to a final workshop, facilitated by my team and I, focused on ideation and prototyping of tools that will help GWM capitalize on business opportunities. Our projected outcome is for GWM to walk away with the tools to establish a clear organizational culture and to better communicate and service their clients. In addition, we are transferring knowledge and best practices of the design thinking process to empower GWM with capacity building tools to continue to evolve their business.

Role: Researcher, Strategist
Service: Business Design and Service Design
Internship - OpnBx

Sexual Health Care Provider

As a design strategist I worked with the leading sexual health care provider in the US to reposition the client engagement perception of their services from reactive to proactive. Through research, a team and I were able to identify opportunity areas by utilizing insights gained from analogous research conducted on the boutique gym experience and, most importantly, what elements from that experience could we mirror to motivate young adults to be proactive about their sexual healthcare. We are currently in the prototype phase and developing and testing a platform for young adults to anonymously access reliable and entertaining information related to sexual health.

Role: Researcher, Strategist, Designer
Service: Customer Engagement Tool
Class: Integrated Studio 1*

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation

The Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation is the nation's first community development corporation that partners with residents and businesses to improve the quality of life of Central Brooklyn. Utilizing design-based methodology, I worked with a team to collaborate with BSRC in a 12-week engagement to unearth insights through qualitative research models. The insights led to prototyping and presenting a communication strategy that would increase the awareness of the services offered by BSRC in the community. Strategy included re-branding service names and developing on-site branding assets.

Role: Researcher, Strategist
Service: Communication Tools
Class: Managing Creative Teams and Projects*
August 2015 - December 2015

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